Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Want a free Taltopia T-shirt?

We have a great promotion going on right now - sign up for a Premium Membership on Taltopia and get a free Taltopia T-shirt ($15 value)...its that simple!

If you are already a member, use this upgrade link (you gotta be logged in first)

If you are NOT yet a member, use this link.

Claim your fame!

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Taltopia Logo Design Contest Winner!

We are very proud to announce that JScorpio has been chosen as the winner of Taltopia's logo design contest! His drawing of the Taltopia logo will be featured as our logo for a day. In addition, JScorpio gets 25 free Famebucks and a Taltopia T-shirt. Congrats!


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Monday, August 3, 2009

Alexa...Still Climbing!

Many of you may have read our previous post about our growth in Alexa ranking. Well, we're still climbing! As of the 12:53pm PST, our Alexa rank is currently at 16,791 - that's an all time high for us! Although the Alexa rank is important, the real value of it is the ability to compare it to our "competition" (the chart below speaks for itself).

I would also like to add that despite the recent downturn in the economy, July was our most successful month in terms of member acquisition (36,972 new members) and in terms of revenue (sorry, figures can not be disclosed!)

Here's to another successful month at Taltopia!

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