Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Taltopia Mobile News!

Just wanted to post a quick update. We are really excited to see that our new mobile site was chosen as a Staff Pick by

Thanks Apple...personally I've been a fanboy of yours since my G3 laptop!

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Taltopia Mobile

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Launches Mobile Website

Los Angeles, CA, a platform that connects aspiring talent with fans and entertainment industry professionals, announced today the launch of a new mobile-friendly version of the website. This mobile-friendly version of is designed specifically to accommodate smartphones such as Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android G1, both of which feature relatively large touch-screens and 3G speed for easy internet browsing.

Visiting “” from your smartphone will automatically redirect you to this new mobile site where you can browse profiles, vote on media, send and receive messages, edit your profile, and even apply to casting calls on-the-go.

“The ability to browse and apply to casting calls from your mobile phone is a highly demanded service which none of our competitors offer,” said co-founder Anthony Zanontian. Taltopia Mobile helps solve the problem that models, actors, and other aspiring talent face when they need to access and apply to recent casting notices while on-set, between auditions, or on the road.

“We are really proud of Taltopia Mobile,” said co-founder Allen Vartazarian. “We really tried to create a simple, yet very functional interface for our Taltopia’s members,” he added. The launch of Taltopia Mobile comes at a time when mobile browsing has dramatically increased. As more sites like Taltopia embrace this transition from 20-inch monitors to 3.5-inch screens, even more users will flock to the emerging world of mobile browsing.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Taltopia Prints

  1. What are Taltopia Prints?
    You can now purchase your favorite images from Taltopia and have them printed on a product of your choice. We currently have t-shirts, hand bags, coasters, aprons, cutting boards and other great stuff. Look for the "Buy This" button in the upper right corner of media pages.

  2. Why can people buy my images, and how can I control this?
    Members can now sell photos and art on t-shirts and other merchandise and share in the revenue with Taltopia. We credit your Famebucks account as soon as we are notified that a sale has been successfully completed. Please be patient as this may take 3 to 5 business days.
    If you would rather not sell your art, you have the ability to opt out of Taltopia Prints in your profile preferences.

  3. How much do I earn when someone buys merchandise with my image on it?
    For each item that is purchased from your media, we will credit your Famebucks Account with F$4

Click HERE to take it for a spin!

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Can I upload documents?

Yes! Move over scribd and docstoc, taltopia's coming to town. We just finished our new writing section where you can upload your poetry, short stories, novels, scripts or anything else you feel relates to talent and is a document or pdf.

For now we placed writing in our "Other" category until it picks up some steam; so be sure to upload your stuff to make it a mainstream section!

Click here for an example.

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Super Duper Search Now Available

We've just upgraded our search...and what an upgrade!

The entire site is now indexed and broken up by category. Everything is now searchable and results show up fast, really fast. For you techies out there, we utilized to help us query our database, and it is awesome. When the results appear, we made sure that the search terms found are highlighted and easy to spot. So search away!

Also as you can see in the picture above, if you are a premium member on the site your media/profile shows up before everyone, and is in a handy dandy yellow box, so consider upgrading if you'd like the attention!

Upgrade link if you have a membership:

Join as a premium member:

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Message System - Threaded Messaging

We recently upgraded our messaging system to what is called "threaded" messaging. "Threaded" is just a fancy term used to describe the way your messages work: when you message someone on Taltopia, you are starting a new "thread" and when the other person responds, your full conversation will be displayed in a single, organized manner. You may already be familiar with this system if you are a member on Facebook. Here is an example of what it looks like:


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Guitar Center Music Contest - $300!


**This contest is limited to Premium Members only**

Being a musician is tough. Making money as a musician is even more difficult...until now. Enter your best music into this contest for a chance to win $300 to Guitar Center!

Note: This prize will only be awarded if a minimum of 15 entries are submitted.

There is no entrance fee for this sponsored contest, but entry is limited to premium members. All types of music are accepted in this contest, whether it be classical, rap, rock, a name it. Video and Audio uploads only please (no pics).

All entries will be considered, but more attention will be given to the top 5. Winner to be chosen by Taltopia Staff. has no affiliation with Guitar Center.

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