Monday, October 12, 2009

It's Halloween @ Taltopia!

The countdown to Halloween has begun! We've got a few things going on at Taltopia to commemorate this awesome holiday.

The first thing you might notice is our spooky new logo:

Next, we have some great Halloween-themed contests running in various categories on the site:

Sexiest Costume Contest-Upload a picture of you modeling in your sexy halloween costume! We are looking for the most professional looking pose - creative costumes are a plus, but remember, lets try to keep this PG (nudity is NOT acceptable). Winner gets $100 to, where you can buy anything.

Funniest Costume Contest-This contest is for all you jokers/comedians out there. Upload a pic of you in a funny halloween costume for a chance to win $100 to Amazon. Be creative, thats what Taltopia is all about!

Halloween Art Contest- Enter your best halloween themed art into this contest for a chance to win $100 to Amazon! Drawing, paintings, and other art forms are all welcome to enter - no photographs please. The winner will be chosen based on creativity, attention to detail, and professional quality.

Scary Halloween Photography Contest (Premium Members Only)- Upload a picture of you've taken of something scary!! We are looking for the most creative pictures. Winner gets $250 to, where you can buy anything.

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