Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Jai Rodriguez loves!

Jai Rodriguez, star of "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy", made an appearance at the party and said a few words about us. Thanks again to TechZulu for their great coverage.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008 Party - A Night To Remember

So we've been getting a lot of requests for pictures and video of the event. Allen and I thought we'd structure this blog in such a way so people that attended could view the awesome pics from the event and those that didn't could get a taste of what went down.

For those of you that attended and are dying to see the pics here is the link:

Click Here For Pics We really want to thank Wm. Marc Salsberry for taking these great shots.

Also, we wanted to thank our sponsors Pink, Fashion Tv, Red Agency as well as the great charity that we worked with at the event Reality Cares.

After the break, you can see some select pictures from the event and a play by play from Allen explaining what happened. (Also, a picture of us with our "Serious" faces, I swear the photographer told us to do it)

It was 6:30pm on Friday, May 16th when Anthony and I arrived at Boulevard3. The Tainted Angels were rehearsing on stage, bartenders were stocking up their shelves, the art exhibit in the courtyard was already set-up, models were downstairs prepping for the fashion show...lets just say there was a certain buzz in the air.Lights, camera, ACTION! The doors opened at about 8:40 to a line of guests that had been waiting patiently outside. The first thing that people noticed as they walked in was the logo projected on the side of the Boulevard3 building...jaws dropped.

While the crowd started growing in the courtyard, the red carpet became the place to be seen. Special red carpet appearances were made by: Golden Brooks (Beauty Shop), Jai Rodriguez (Bravo’s Queer Eye For The Straight Guy), Shana Wall & Tian Kitchen (The Amazing Race), Rebecca Cardon, Brian Peeler & JD Jordan (Bravo’s Work Out), Dominique Sharpe (Oxygen’s The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency), Jeff Pickel & Brett Novek (America’s Most Smartest Model), James Rhine (Big Brother), Model Verina Marcel (Model), Rib Hillis (Extreme Home Makeover), Diego Currier (Love Test), Summer Altice (Playboy Playmate), Enrique Sapena, Alexcy Aranguren, Janet Michel, Gisel Saumat & Roseny Carrero (VH1’s Viva Hollywood), Tony Duran (Celebrated Photographer), and Orna Etkovich Gusinski (VP of Fashion TV), among others…

After a few poses on the red carpet, we headed over to meet with our friends from TechZulu for a follow-up interview - we were very honored to have had them cover our event.

By 10pm the courtyard was packed and people started to fill up the main area inside, where the fashion show was taking place. Our video montage was playing on the main projector screen as DJ Cash should the crowd what real music is. Contrary to popular belief, at money does in fact grow on trees...Famebucks that is.

We got up on stage, introduced ourselves, and then showed the audience what is all about:

Click Here To View

Then it was time for the main event...The Tainted Angels! This upcoming group sang their hearts out on stage while putting on an amazing dance performance. Just when you thought it was all over, a group of professional breakdancers pounced on stage and put the icing on the cake. All in all, one hell of a show.

Once the stage was cleared the pumped-up crowd kept the party going. People rushed the stage and danced the night away...this was a night to remember.

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Monday, May 12, 2008

Look Ma'...we're on TV!

In our efforts to brand the hell out of Taltopia, we have decided to enter the world of Television advertising. We have considered doing this for some time now, but really had no clue where to begin. Google has started offering a TV Ad marketplace which is pretty cool, but currently only offers national advertising campaigns. Since we want to ensure that our ads are being shown to the most relevant audience, we decided to research the ad marketplace in Los Angeles.

So, Anthony and I got on the phones and started contacting Los Angeles cable television networks which include Charter Communications, Time Warner Cable, and Comcast. We also had the option of using, but found it to be too expensive. We found it was muuuuuch cheaper to work directly with the cable networks - cut out the middleman.

Time Warner had a pretty sweet deal that we couldn't pass by. Our TV commercials are going to be aired 600 times a month in each of 3 major metro areas of LA for about 3 months on networks which include MTV, VH1, BET, ComedyCentral, and E!. Be sure to let us know if you see our commercial while watching!

With a little help...ok ALOT of help...from our editor friends, we were able to make two 15 second spots which will begin airing next week. Here is a sneak peak:

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

New Look and more...

Well we did it. After a month of arguing, yelling, throwing laptops out of windows, and realizing that we just can't work together anymore (pause) we launched a new look on the site. Hope you all like it.

We really wanted to make the site a lot more user-friendly and I think we have done just that. We made everything bigger and more "bubbly". The icon's are just darn cute, you'll notice that they have been changed on your user panel to the left and throughout the profile pages. The actual page size got bigger, as well as personal and media thumbnails. Our front page changed to include the browse section for easier searching and we got new kicka** tabs throughout the site. What it comes down to is that our minor changes ended up turning into a whole site redesign.

Also, we've expanded the profile sections to include "Im a(n): Actor, Model, etc", although this is a minor change, it will be a major addition because of the industry tie-ins that will go along with it; so be sure to update your profiles to reflect this change.
Looking towards what's coming in the near future, we are happy to say contests, and we really mean it this time!! We are done with the design and programming (mostly) however we just got wind of some major deals we can put together before launch. Once these are locked-in we will release the new section to give you guys more opportunities to Claim Your Fame!

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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Taltopia Party! RSVP Required

You are cordially invited to attend Taltopia's exclusive red carpet event on Friday, May 16th. The event will be held at one of LA's hottest nightclubs, Boulevard3, from 8pm-2am. Boulevard3 is located at 6523 Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood, CA 90028. There will be no cover charge for this event and there will be an open bar from 8pm-10pm, so be sure to arrive early.

IMPORTANT: You MUST RSVP to be on the list by clicking on the image above or by following this link:

Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to celebrating Taltopia with you!

Claim your fame!


Allen Vartazarian & Anthony Zanontian

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