Wednesday, July 9, 2008 Road Trip!

We recently found out that America's Next Top Model is having auditions on Saturday July 12th in Fresno, and that American Idol is having auditions from Tuesday through Thursday the following week in San Francisco - you know what that means....road trip!

We decided that it would be a great opportunity for us to educate (flier) the aspiring talent who will be attending these open auditions about the valuable resources available for them on!

We will drive out of LA this Friday afternoon and head for Anthony's hometown of Fresno, CA. To save on cash, we will be crashing at Anthony's parent's house and will get up bright and early on Saturday morning to head out to "Island Water Park" which is where Top Model auditions are being held. After that, its off to San Francisco on Monday night for three more fun-filled days of passing out fliers. Here is what the fliers look like:

On a side note, we wanted to let you all know that we saved alot of money by booking our hotel on We were looking for a cheap hotel near Cow Palace (the convention center near SFO where the Idol auditions are going to be held) and decided that we wanted to spend only $90 a night. Neither one of us had used Priceline before, so we decided to give it a shot - not only did we get a room for $90, Priceline upgraded us to the 4-star Sheraton Hotel (a $250 value). Priceline Negotiator rocks!

Check back for updates from our trip!!

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