Wednesday, May 7, 2008

New Look and more...

Well we did it. After a month of arguing, yelling, throwing laptops out of windows, and realizing that we just can't work together anymore (pause) we launched a new look on the site. Hope you all like it.

We really wanted to make the site a lot more user-friendly and I think we have done just that. We made everything bigger and more "bubbly". The icon's are just darn cute, you'll notice that they have been changed on your user panel to the left and throughout the profile pages. The actual page size got bigger, as well as personal and media thumbnails. Our front page changed to include the browse section for easier searching and we got new kicka** tabs throughout the site. What it comes down to is that our minor changes ended up turning into a whole site redesign.

Also, we've expanded the profile sections to include "Im a(n): Actor, Model, etc", although this is a minor change, it will be a major addition because of the industry tie-ins that will go along with it; so be sure to update your profiles to reflect this change.
Looking towards what's coming in the near future, we are happy to say contests, and we really mean it this time!! We are done with the design and programming (mostly) however we just got wind of some major deals we can put together before launch. Once these are locked-in we will release the new section to give you guys more opportunities to Claim Your Fame!

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