Monday, January 28, 2008

Mini-features Released: Filter by Media & Pagination

Hey Folks,

We just wanted to give you a all little heads up about two new "mini-features" that we have released on Famesource: filter by media type and paging. We are calling these "mini-features" because they are quite subtle...also, its just cute to call it "mini-. "

1) Filter by media type: This feature makes it easy to filter any category you are browsing by media type: video, audio, and images. When on a browse category page you will see 3 check boxes at the top and can uncheck any media type that you do not want to be shown. Take it for a spin:

2) Paging: We have also made it easier to flip through the different pages of content that we have thanks to a little thing called "pagination." This is just a fancy word meaning you can click on any page # shown and be taken directly to that page. This really helps when browsing through one of our bigger categories, such as photography:

Also, the entertainment community lost a great friend last week. All of us here at Famesource extend our deepest condolences to Heath Ledger's close circle of friends and family. We highly respect and value the contributions he made as an actor. May he rest in peace.

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