Tuesday, August 28, 2007

CNN - Young People Who Rock

Thats right...we rock! We were recently featured on CNN.com's segment titled "Young People Who Rock" which highlights people under the age of 30 who are doing big things. Nicole Lapin, the host of the show, contacted us after someone had anonymously suggested we be on the program.

We set the date. We set the time. We made it happen. I drove out the CNN headquarters on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles, parked the car, and approached the security desk. The gentleman at the desk asked for my ID and then said "Mr. Vartazarian, they are waiting for you in make-up." He escorted me to the make-up room where I got to meet the lovely Nicole Lapin. She invited me to in the chair next to her and we started chit-chatting about Famesource and its recent success. The make-up artist then brushed some of the magic tv make-up on me, and we were off to the studio...Larry King's studio that is.

It was truly an amazing experience to be in that studio. The lights, the cameras, the crew...it was awesome. I remember staring off to the side of the studio where I saw Larry's desk and his famous desktop microphone. After a few camera adjustments and a sound-check, we were ready to roll. The interview lasted about 10 minutes and was over as quickly as it began.

You can read Nicole's column about us here. The taped interview will be up soon!

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Our newest team member - Eric!

A part of us has grown...let's just say it has gotten bigger, a lot bigger...33% bigger. Ladies...you know what we are talking about...our member grew...well membership...well people on the team...we added someone to the team. Let's just say sex sells - you know you wanted to keep reading.

We'd like to welcome Eric to the team! Eric is a soon to be UCLA grad with a Business/Economics major and a minor in Computer Science. More importantly, he is our self-proclaimed marketing guru. We fought long and hard to have Eric join our team and after three days of unnecessarily long negotiations we have him on board. Since his entry into the Famesource family, we've had a great time coming up with new hip, young, fresh, vibrant, descriptive synonym, ideas to promote Famesource. Here is to the new addition to the team! Plus, I'm happy to report that we continue to represent the UC systems here at Famesource. From Berkeley, to LA, all the way down south to San Diego...we've pretty much got it covered. So drop him a line, ask him a questions, and make sure you bug him...it's literally his job to respond j/k.

Eric, its a pleasure to have you on the team.

Eric's Famesource Profile

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Music Connection Bulletin

How do you market a talent-related website? One great way is to inform talent-related magazines about your new service and convince them that their readers would appreciate hearing about it.

We went to a local bookstore and spent a few hrs in the magazine section, jotting down the names and contact info of all talent-related magazines. Once we had our list, we checked it twice, drafted a nice pitch, and started sending out.

One of the first magazines to reply was Music Connection Magazine, a highly-respected magazine for aspiring musicians and the music industry in general. They loved the concept of Famesource and included us in their weekly bulletin that goes out to over 40,000 subscribers. We are also looking to get published in other key industry magazines...any help or tips are much appreciated!

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Monday, August 6, 2007

TV Commercial Winner - Famesource.com

It's official! Famesource has its first television commercial, and best of all, it was created by one of our very own users. Chris Miller, username "snakejohnson," is a lean mean animating machine!

The commercial will be aired multiple times a day on an international television channel for a period of 6 months. We feel that this commercial embodies what Famesource is all about...helping aspiring artists find the exposure they deserve.

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