Wednesday, April 25, 2007


We made it into UCLA's Daily Bruin, from what we are told, the second highest circulated paper in LA!! Whoo Hoo for us!

It happened fast...really fast. About a half hour interview, and then BAM the next day we were on the front page. Okay so they never did say, something we are still a little baffled about, but they did say Famesource, a web company, and mentioned Allen and I. I'd say an overall success.

Be sure to check out the article here...and support the Daily Bruin.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A meeting with an LA Music Producer

It was a few days before launch, and we were huddled together at the local Starbucks trying to make the final preparations to go live. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a familiar face sitting a few tables away. I overheard him chatting with a young lady about her music and the potential she had. Where did I know this guy from?

Then it was Barrett Yeretsian, music producer and band member of Aviatic, a popular Los Angeles band. I had seen Aviatic in concert at the Roxy a while back, and fell in love with their music immediately. I told the team about his accomplishments and made it a point to contact Barrett (I didn't want to interrupt his meeting).

We contacted Barrett and he agreed to meet with the same Starbucks. After giving him a brief synopsis of the site, and letting him explore it on my laptop, Barrett was in love. He loved what we had going here. We came up with a few great partnership ideas (we are still implementing those now). Most importantly, Barrett will be monitoring the site frequently to look for the next "web celeb" that he feels has the potential to make it big in the Music industry.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

"Put it in a Box"

Sometimes people get carried away. It's fair to say that I am a people. After we had decided on a box outline, I lost it...just a little.

It became a running joke between Allen and I. That everything I saw had to be in a box or else I wouldn't like it. I think the quotes were..."That's not bad, let's put it in a box and see how it looks." or "Humm. I like it, but in a box, I'd like it more." or "That's stupid, but in a box it would be cool."

After some serious therapy, I eased up on my boxitis, and agreed that only 50 percent of the site should be in a box.


Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Tabs, Tabs, Tabs!

Tabs. Man oh man. I am super anal(that doesn't sound right) about tabs. We must have gone through 50 designs, 400 colors, 30 positions, and at least 2 friendships to get the ones that we have now. Most of the convo's ended up like this.

Allen: I like these tabs...Anthony, what do you think?
Anthony: I don't like them.
Allen: What don't you like?
Anthony: I don't know. I just don't like them.
Allen: What should we change?
Anthony: I don't know...they are stupid.

I think that I can say I wasn't liked very much by the crew when it came to tabs. But you have to admit, the ones we have now look sexy.


Sunday, April 1, 2007

We're so Mashable!

Let me start of by saying...THIS WAS EXCITING!

So we woke up one Sunday morning and realized we had a HUGE spike in our traffic...we were but 3 days old at that point and had only told friends and family...literally scared of our server crashing.

It seems that an email Allen had sent to the editor of Mashable, asking him to simply check out the site ended up in a review of Famesource on their front page! This sparked a whole series of bloggers talking about us all around the world, from blogs in Arabic to German. We were really excited. Every few minutes another blog would pop up.

Allen: "What language is that one in?"
Anthony: "I think Chinese!!"

Here is a pic of Famesource that was on Mashable.

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Arthur's Hospital Visit

This was scary. No really. I usually joke about stuff, but Allen can attest to this as well.

One Sunday afternoon(a week before launch might I add), our head developer Arthur called us up and said that he had just left a hospital in Vegas and was on his way to Cedar-Saini Hospital back in Los Angeles. It ended up that his pancreas was about to burst, and on top of that they had found 2 kidney stones.

I can honestly say that we were really worried about Arthur. We really had gone from a business-client relationship to close friends. We laughed, we cried, and we argued together. We had eachother's sappy as this is, Allen and I came to really love Arthur(if you know what i mean, wink, wink), and him being in the hospital with something so serious really made us concerned.

But it's good to say that after a few flowers, and some red pee, Arthur was okay, and the website moved forward to launch!


Server Story

Both Anthony and I are technically inclined. Anthony has taken apart and reassembled computers numerous times for friends and family; I on the other hand, have installed some RAM in my sister's computer....thats about all the experience we have with hardware between the two of us.

To save some money, we came up with the brilliant idea of building our own server. Being that we are both do-it-yourselfers, it seemed like fun. We consulted with a few professional (Anthony's buddy from college) and after hours of research finally agreed on what specific parts to order. A few days later, a majestic stork would deliver our pieces.

I must say, we were pretty intimidated to see all these parts once they were spread out on my dining room table. All of these parts needed to be properly installed to bring our baby to life. We opened up the so-called instructions and tackled this obstacle like any other.

Intel chip goes here, RAM goes there, the two hard drives connect here, CPU fan clips there, video card connects here, screw it to the frame went on and on. She was ready for her first boot-up. We plugged it in, fired her up, and were relieved to find out that our hard work paid off.

Next we installed some software, tested for a week, and delivered it to its new home at our host in downtown Los Angeles (where all the FAMOUS servers reside).


Leggo my Logo

So Allen and I thought we could design. We couldn't. Well, we were good at Stick-figures, and I mean good. But besides that we needed help. After consulting a few designers, we decided to post up a competition to get more entries so that we would have a broader spectrum to choose from.

The contest started out kind of slow...but really pick up with some great entries. As soon as we saw a version of our current logo, we knew we had it.

This one was kinda cool.

we really liked this...but didn't know if it would work on a website.

Two more that we liked.

In the end we had a lot of great entries, but settled on the final design, a similar version give or take one or two hundred position and color changes we made. This gave us what you see now.

Plus we added a beta.

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