Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Interns aka Slave Labor

I'm totally kidding about the title. We love interns, looooove em, heck we've even been unpaid interns at one point in our lives. But this is different because we are getting interns!! You heard right, Famesource is acquiring a few, we'll keep you updated with who, so you can drop them a line and bug em, but our interns are gonna be the coolest.

We laid out a 12 week schedule for them, and are including them in every facet of our operations. They even get to hang out on conference calls with us and sit in on meetings we have with industry professionals. We really don't want them to have the same experiences we did when we interned, and want them to take away something valuable from their time with us.

So, drum roll please, say hello to our first interns:

If any of our readers have an interest in learning more about how you can be an intern as a resume builder or for school credit don't be afraid to drop us a line.

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