Thursday, June 28, 2007

Parallel Cut

Famesource was invited to attend the official launch party for Parallel Cut, an independent film directed and produced by two Famesource members, Edgar Metro and Eddie DeLeon. The short film is based on a true story about how John Gotti's son was accidentally killed by their neighbor.

The event was held at Falcon, a very appropriate venue on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood. The "Gotti" theme was evident immediately upon entering the building, where we were greeted by a person who offered us a small bag of "cocaine" (powdered sugar of course) which could be redeemed later for a gift bag. All the tables had 12 x 12 mirrors with "parallel cuts" of powdered sugar on them which accented the coffin in the middle of the room (which was also full of bags of powdered sugar and housed the gift bags we would receive later.)

It was really awesome celebrating this accomplishment with Edgar and Eddie. I am confident that these two have a very bright future ahead.

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