Monday, June 11, 2007

TV Commercial - Help!?!?!

Now that Famesource has begun to gain some public awareness, its about that time for us to put together a TV commercial advertising what we have to offer. Although Anthony and I are prepared to get behind a camera and start shooting, we decided it was best to let our talented users submit their stuff...we are a user-generated website after all!

Here are some guidelines - the commercial needs to be about 10-seconds long. We ask that you try to incorporate our logo and slogan ("claim your fame!") at some point in the clip. Make it funny, make it quirky, act out a skit, show-off your animation skills, pretty much anything goes. We will be accepting submissions over the next few weeks. You can email what you come up with to

What's in it for you? Well, if your clip is chosen we will throw a few famebucks your way (you can use those to bid on the Wall of Fame) and you will also be featured on - most importantly, your clip will be all over TV!

Here is our first user submission. Think you can do better? Lets see what you got!

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