Sunday, May 27, 2007

Anthony why do I have 70 emails from Famesource?

So we made a little boo boo. In an attempt to message all of our users with updates that we were very excited about, we mayyyyyy have sent out one too many emails and internal messages.

Okay, so what do I mean by little? The system sent out over 9000 emails, for 2,600 or so users. But, Allen and I got the bulk of it with 5000 emails populating our inbox, however there were some users who got upwards of 70 or 100 emails. We really want to apologize again for doing that. The code was off by a 1. Yep, a 1. We have already gone through and fixed the problem. We really respect your guys' privacy and in no way did we intent to spam you.

We REALLY appreciate your support, and hope that you all enjoy the new updates to famesource. Be sure to send us hate mail if we caused you any pain...we deserve it hahah. But besides that enjoy the site and stay tuned for more updates.(umm without us flooding your inbox)



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