Sunday, April 1, 2007

Server Story

Both Anthony and I are technically inclined. Anthony has taken apart and reassembled computers numerous times for friends and family; I on the other hand, have installed some RAM in my sister's computer....thats about all the experience we have with hardware between the two of us.

To save some money, we came up with the brilliant idea of building our own server. Being that we are both do-it-yourselfers, it seemed like fun. We consulted with a few professional (Anthony's buddy from college) and after hours of research finally agreed on what specific parts to order. A few days later, a majestic stork would deliver our pieces.

I must say, we were pretty intimidated to see all these parts once they were spread out on my dining room table. All of these parts needed to be properly installed to bring our baby to life. We opened up the so-called instructions and tackled this obstacle like any other.

Intel chip goes here, RAM goes there, the two hard drives connect here, CPU fan clips there, video card connects here, screw it to the frame went on and on. She was ready for her first boot-up. We plugged it in, fired her up, and were relieved to find out that our hard work paid off.

Next we installed some software, tested for a week, and delivered it to its new home at our host in downtown Los Angeles (where all the FAMOUS servers reside).



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