Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A meeting with an LA Music Producer

It was a few days before launch, and we were huddled together at the local Starbucks trying to make the final preparations to go live. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a familiar face sitting a few tables away. I overheard him chatting with a young lady about her music and the potential she had. Where did I know this guy from?

Then it was Barrett Yeretsian, music producer and band member of Aviatic, a popular Los Angeles band. I had seen Aviatic in concert at the Roxy a while back, and fell in love with their music immediately. I told the team about his accomplishments and made it a point to contact Barrett (I didn't want to interrupt his meeting).

We contacted Barrett and he agreed to meet with the same Starbucks. After giving him a brief synopsis of the site, and letting him explore it on my laptop, Barrett was in love. He loved what we had going here. We came up with a few great partnership ideas (we are still implementing those now). Most importantly, Barrett will be monitoring the site frequently to look for the next "web celeb" that he feels has the potential to make it big in the Music industry.

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