Sunday, April 1, 2007

Arthur's Hospital Visit

This was scary. No really. I usually joke about stuff, but Allen can attest to this as well.

One Sunday afternoon(a week before launch might I add), our head developer Arthur called us up and said that he had just left a hospital in Vegas and was on his way to Cedar-Saini Hospital back in Los Angeles. It ended up that his pancreas was about to burst, and on top of that they had found 2 kidney stones.

I can honestly say that we were really worried about Arthur. We really had gone from a business-client relationship to close friends. We laughed, we cried, and we argued together. We had eachother's sappy as this is, Allen and I came to really love Arthur(if you know what i mean, wink, wink), and him being in the hospital with something so serious really made us concerned.

But it's good to say that after a few flowers, and some red pee, Arthur was okay, and the website moved forward to launch!



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