Friday, March 30, 2007

The Name

Now that we had a concept for a website and a developer on our team, we were faced with the harder than you think task of choosing an appropriate name. And trust me...This turned out to be MUCH harder than you think. But we did have a few preconditions, rules if you will.
  • It MUST be only two syllables. All cool sites have names that are two syllables - Goo*gle, You*Tube, My*Space, Face*book, etc.
  • It MUST be a name that relates to ALL talent - Acting, Music, Sports, Dance, Comedy, Modeling, Art, and any other talent we weren't clever enough to think of.
  • The name had to be cool enough to one day become used as a verb (sorta like when people say "MySpace me" or "Google it")
  • It had to be a domain that wasn't already taken and being sold by someone for $10,000 (we are recent college grads after all)
  • The name had describe exactly what the site was all about - helping talented people find the exposure they deserved
After days of deliberation, we went through every word in the dictionary that related to talent, checked them against our list of preconditions, then searched to see if the name was available.

Literally 90% of the names we came up with were already snatched up by domain brokers who were looking to make a quick buck. Time to get creative baby.

We went back to the faithful mirror in my room with our dry erase markers. Hours later, the words "Fame" and "Source" were drawn together, and our site had a name.

We would be known to the world as



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