Thursday, March 29, 2007

Getting it on paper.

So an idea's one thing. Writing it down is another. Unless you haven't noticed, we are two people, shocking as that is. We had different ideas and wanted those ideas to go in different directions.

But I can easily say that Allen and I in our 1st draft...okay mayybeee 4th or 5th, captured what we wanted in the look of the site. We've attached some professional artist renditions of the site (doodles if you will), after a long night of the eraser game on the mirror in Allen's room. That mirror has been through thick and thin with us. Even though the look of the site was done in a few days, the ideas behind it, and little details continued to pour out till the day we launched, and still continue to this day. Ask our development team (I'm pretty sure they don't like us very much). The mirror will be available for sale on ebay after the successful takeoff of famesource, and profits will be donated to charity.

You think I'm joking.



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